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Fidel Castro, 菲德爾·卡斯特羅/ 卡斯楚

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Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro speaks in Havana, Cuba, Feb. 3, 2006. (AP Photo/Javier Galeano)
Fidel Castro dies at 90: His life in photos
Castro speaks during the ceremony in which President Hugo Chávez of Venezuela was given the Unesco José Martí award for his efforts in education, on 3 February 2006 in Havana.
Photograph: Sven Creutzmann/Mambo Photograph/Getty Images
Fidel Castro – a life in pictures | World news | The Guardian
Fidel Castro attends the last day of the 7th Cuban Communist Party Congress in Havana, Cuba. Fidel Castro formally stepped down in 2008 after suffering gastrointestinal ailments and public appearances have been increasingly unusual in recent years, April 19, 2016. (Ismael Francisco/Cubadebate via AP)
Cuba’s former President Fidel Castro, right, talks with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, second left, and his wife Cheng Hong, left, in Havana, Cuba, Sept. 25, 2016. (AP Photo/Alex Castro)
Fidel Castro, pictured with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, at the “Palace of the Revolution,”. Putin it is the first president of Russia ex-comunist that Cuba view, after the fall of the “Wall of Berlin”. December 14, 2000. (Jorge Rey/MediaPunch/IPX/AP)
Cuba’s President Fidel Castro, right, trips after a speech at a graduation ceremony in Santa Clara, Cuba, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2004, in this image made from television. An Associated Press photographer at the scene said Castro tripped on a concrete step after he finished walking down the stairs from the stage, then fell onto the ground on his right side, first hitting his knee and hip, and then his elbow and arm. Speaking live on state television less than a minute after his fall, Castro told television viewers across the island of 11.2 million people that he thought he had broken his knee “and maybe an arm … but I am all in one piece.” (AP Photo/APTN)
Cuban President, Fidel Castro, left and his brother, the Minister of Defense Raul Castro, attend to a Cuban Parliament session, celebrated in the Convention Palace on Thursday July 1, 2004 in Havana, Cuba. (AP Photo/Cristobal Herrera)
Cuban leader Fidel Castro, left, shares a laugh with South Africa President Nelson Mandela at the World Trade Organization held in Geneva Tuesday, May 19, 1998. Mandela and Castro said in separate speeches that the global trading system had failed to achieve its goals of bringing a higher standard of living to many developing countries. (AP Photo/PATRICK AVIOLAT)
Cuban President Fidel Castro stands on the Great Wall of China, 70 kilometers north of Beijing, Friday December 1, 1995. Castro, who is in China to boost trade and study the country’s market oriented economy, was to spend the day sight-seeing before an evening meeting with Premier Li Peng. (AP Photo/Greg Baker)
Cuban President Fidel Castro, right, describes the Lenin Statue to Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev during wreath laying ceremonies Monday, April 3, 1989 in Havana. Gorbachev is holding summit meetings with Castro in Cuba. (AP Photo/Boris Yurchenko)

Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro exhales cigar smoke during a March, 1985 interview at his presidential palace in Havana. Castro, a Havana attorney who fought for the poor, overthrew dictator Fulgencio Batista’s government on Jan. 1, 1959. He defeated a U.S. attempt, known as The Bay of Pigs invasion, to overthrow his revolutionary regime on April 19, 1961. Afterwards, Cuba armed itself with Soviet nuclear missiles aimed at the United States which almost brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster. Castro’s communist regime still exists in Cuba, 90 miles from the U.S., at the close of the 20th century. (AP Photo/Charles Tasnadi)
U.S. Presidential candidate Jesse Jackson, left, and Cuban President Fidel Castro shake hands as they say goodbye in Havana, Cuba, June 27, 1984. At center is Juanita Vera, Castro’s personal interpreter. Jackson will return to Havana after his trip to Nicaragua to pick up the released American prisoners to take with him to Washington, D.C. Jackson and Castro met over two days seeking solutions to better U.S.-Cuba relations. (AP Photo/Scott Applewhite)
Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, right, and P.L.O leader Yasser Arafat join hands following the P.L.O. closing speech at the final session of the 7th Non-Aligned Summit conference, March 13, 1983 in New Delhi. (AP Photo/Indian TV)
Cuban Premier Fidel Castro gestures during his marathon speech to the United Nations General Assembly, Oct. 12, 1979 in New York. (AP Photo)
Cuba’s Fidel Castro visited this small farming town, Santa Cruz, Chile Nov. 25, 1971 where he delivered a speech clad in a typical Chilean Huaso poncho and featuring a strawhat. Later he went to an outdoor luncheon at the Las Palmas agrarian reform center where he spoke to newsmen on the relation between US and Cuba. Castro during his speech. (AP Photo)

Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro is shown saluting in 1971 wearing his customary fatigues and army cap. (AP Photo)
Prime Minister Fidel Castro of Cuba speaking in1969. (AP Photo)
Fidel Castro waits for a good one as he bats for Camaguey Province against Pinar Del Rio Province at Cuba’s Varadero Beach, July 5, 1964. The Cuban premier hit two singles and drove in four runs in Camaguey’s 14-4 win. He pitched a perfect game for seven innings and went the full nine innings on the mound. (AP Photo/Harold Valentine)
Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro speaks on the eve of the military trial of more than a hundred insurgents captured in the mountains on Wednesday Oct. 10, 1960 in Havana. He warns “He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword” to those who attacked his regime. (AP Photo)
Cuban Premier Fidel Castro waves a document during his talk to the United Nations General Assembly, Sept. 26, 1960. (AP Photo)
Cuban leader Fidel Castro, to the Center to the right with a cigar, together with Soviet Prime Minister Nikita Jruschov, center left, outside of the Theresa Hotel in Harlem, New York, Sept.20, 1960. (Photo: AP)
Cuban Prime Minister Fidel Castro, left, is embraced by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev in the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 20, 1960. The two men are included in the rogues’ gallery of unsavory world leaders who have visited New York for the U.N. General Assembly. (AP Photo/Marty Lederhandler)
Vice President Richard Nixon, right, shakes hands Cuba’s leader Fidel Castro after a private meeting as they leave Nixon’s office in Washington D.C. on April 19, 1959. (Photo: AP)
Cuban politician and revolutionary Fidel Castro, left, and Che Guevara. (Photo: DeAgostini/Getty Images)
Cuban leaders walk arm-in-arm at the head of the March 5, 1960 funeral procession for the victims of the La Coubre explosion, blamed by the Cuban government on a U.S. bomb attack on the Cuban ship La Coubre in the harbor of Havana. From left to right are Fidel Castro; the first president of post-Batista Cuba, Osvaldo Dortico; Ernesto “Che” Guevara; Defense Minister Augusto Martinez-Sanchez; Ecology Minister Antonio Nunez-Jimenez; American William Morgan from Toledo, Ohio; and Spaniard Eloy Gutierrez Menoyo. Morgan became a Cuban sympathizer after a friend was reportedly killed by President Batista’s police. He was later executed in 1961, accused of being anti-Communist. Menoyo later founded the anti-Castro Alfa 66 organization. (AP Photo)
Fidel Castro aboard MS Berlin North German Lloyd cruise ship in Havana harbor, Cuba, 1959. Left to right: First officer Ernest Hankiewicz; captain’s daughter Marita Lorenz; Castro; Capt. Heinrich Lorenz, chief enginer Karl Kase. (AP Photo)
Fidel Castro is shown in 1959 with a group of his soldiers in front of a mural showing ex-dictator Fulgencio Batista as an army Colonel leading troops through mountains of eastern Cuba. Castro viewed the mural at Batista’s farm 15 miles southwest of Havana. (AP Photo)
Fidel Castro shown in 1959. (AP Photo)
Cuban Rebel Leader Fidel Castro, on the move since 7 a.m. is a tired but smiling man as he reaches Camp Columbia, army headquarters in Havana well past the dinner hour on January 8, 1959. The leader of the forces that overthrew the regime of Dictator Fulgencio Batista receives a riotous welcome in this capital city today and ceremonies at Camp Columbia were expected to last until midnight. Castro overthrew the Bastista government on January 1, 1959. (AP Photo)
Fidel Castro, leader of a continuing revolt against President Fulgencio Batista and his regime on Sept. 10, 1957, takes time to do some evading at his mountain hideout in eastern Cuba. (AP Photo/Andrew St. George)
Fidel Castro, Cuban revolutionary leader, leads his men in a rousing cheer in this scene from “Rebels of the Sierra Maestra” special CBS news report on May 17, 1957, in Havana, Cuba. The exculsive filmed report of life with Castro was recorded by CBS newsman Robert Taber and cameraman Wendell Hoffman. (AP Photo)
Fidel Castro, the young anti-Batista Guerilla leader, center, is seen with his brother Raul Castro, left, and Camilo Cienfuegos, right, while operating in the Mountains of Eastern Cuba, March 14, 1957. (AP Photo/Andrew St. George
In this undated file photo, Fidel Castro poses for a portrait in an unknown location. (AP Photo)
The caption describing Fidel Castro in his 1945 high school yearbook reads: “Distinguished student and a fine athlete. Very popular. Will study law and we have no doubt he will have a brilliant future.” (AP Photo)
Fidel Castro dies at 90: His life in photos
Castro is questioned by police and military officials at the Vivac prison in Santiago de Cuba after he and some 140 rebels attacked the federal garrison at Moncada, the first armed action of the Cuban Revolution in 1953
Photograph: AFP/Getty Images
With first wife Mirta and his son Fidelito, or Fidel Jr, early 1950s
Photograph: TS/Keystone USA/Rex Features
The young Fidel Castro eating a lollipop with his schoolmates at Nuestra Senora de Dolores school in Santiago, Cuba, 1940
Photograph: José María Patac/AFP
Fidel Castro – a life in pictures | World news | The Guardian
逝者:古巴前總統菲德爾·卡斯特羅 - BBC 中文网
The CIA considered a range of methods of dealing with Fidel Castro, pictured in 2005
Fidel Castro survived half a century of CIA assassination attempts before his death at 90 | Daily Mail Online
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Fidel Castro addresses crowds of supporters in the early 1960s, giving a speech about socialism
Fidel Castro death: Communist revolutionary pushed the world to the brink of nuclear war | Daily Mail Online
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Castro exercises in his gym with a football at his home in Havana 1963
Fidel Castro slaughtered his critics and brought the world to the brink of Armageddon | Daily Mail Online
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In this 1958 file photo, Castro, center, questions a man charged with banditry as his mistress Celia Sanchez looks on during a trial held in the guerrillas' base in the Cuban mountain range of Sierra Maestra. Sanchez was his longtime secretary
Fidel Castro claimed he lived on £20 a month but had luxury homes and mistresses galore | Daily Mail Online
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Castro speaking from a makeshift balcony draped with Cuban flags in Santa Clara on the ‘March to Havana’, 1959
Photograph: Lee Lockwood/The Life Images Collection/Getty
Castro holds up a newspaper in New York in 1959. When asked about a reported assassination attempt, Castro had replied, ‘In Cuba, they had tanks, planes and they run away. So what are they going to do here? I sleep well and don’t worry at all’
Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis
Castro jumps from a tank in April 1961 as he arrives at Girón near the Bay Of Pigs, the stage for one of the most memorable chapters in the struggle between Washington and Havana: the invasion of Cuba by a CIA-trained band of armed exiles
Photograph: AP
Fidel Castro outside the Statler Hotel on a visit to New York
Photograph: Dan Farrell/NY Daily News via Getty Images
Castro cutting sugar cane, Cuba, 1970
Photograph: Gilberto Ante/Roger Viollet/Getty Images
Looking at a rifle during a visit to North Vietnam during the Vietnam war, 1973
Photograph: AFP/Getty Images
Castro with Nelson Mandela in 1991 in Matanzas
Photograph: Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images
Castro watches former US president Jimmy Carter throw a baseball prior to the start of a a friendly baseball match between two Cuban teams on 14 May 2002 in Havana, Cuba
Photograph: Sven Creutzmann/Mambo Photograph/Getty Images
Fidel, right, with his brother Raul.
Photograph: Rafael Perez/REUTERS
Fidel Castro – a life in pictures | World news | The Guardian
Castro (pictured here at the UN General Assembly in 1970) was famous for his lengthy speeches. His 269-minute speech at the General Assembly in 1960 set a world record
Fidel Castro dead aged 90, Cuba’s former president | Daily Mail Online
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